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Self Drive Minibus Hire

Whether you are in Maidstone for business or for pleasure, conducting meetings or checking out the sights, with your colleagues and business partners or with your close personal friends and family, we know that you will always look for privacy. The only difference is that some people need more privacy than others. It is for this reason that we added the self drive minibus hire in our list of transport hire services. Minibus Hire Maidstone would like to offer you more choices during your trip so you can enjoy it more and ultimately get what you want from the whole experience.

There are a lot of advantages to our minibus with driver service. For one, you wouldn't have to do anything but concentrate on the reason you came to Maidstone in the first place. If you came to town to do a bit of exploring and sightseeing, that is all we would expect you to do. Leave us to worry about taking you through town using the various routes that tourists and visitors would hardly know about unless they've lived here for decades. Since the driver is familiar with the routes and short cuts, you don't have to personally keep tabs on time and worry that you will be late for a particular appointment. You will also have the added advantage of having a driver-tour guide who will allow you to have a closer – and more educational – glimpse of Maidstone.

But we are also the first to acknowledge that there is a downside to our minibus hire with driver service. Trust and familiarity take time before they can be formed, and we do not expect you to immediately bond with the driver you will be assigned with. After all, there is a 99% chance that you haven't met them before now and, considering that you will be spending a lot of your time with them on your Maidstone trip, we know it is hardly fair for us to expect you to immediately trust them.

To address this issue, Minibus Hire Maidstone introduced the self drive minibus hire, which effectively takes care of the problem on trust. You see, it will be up to you to choose who will drive the minibus your group will be taking around town. As long as the driver of your choice proves himself qualified and capable to drive in and around Maidstone, we have no problems handing over the reins or, in this case, the keys of the minibus, to him.

Who avail of this service? Businessmen and entrepreneurs, mostly. They come to Maidstone to conduct meetings that often extend even within the confines of the minibus while they are being ferried to and from their destination. That is why they need a driver they can trust to keep whatever confidential information is discussed. Groups of friends and families also avail of this service primarily for privacy reasons as well. They deem their bonding moment to be their own and they're not entirely comfortable with the idea of a stranger sharing in their quality time together.

Along with those advantages, you will also get the standard and high-quality Minibus Hire Maidstone treatment. The top class minibuses purchased only from the most tried-and-tested manufacturers and modified with customized features such as drink coolers, sliding roofs and built-in entertainment systems and further kept in excellent condition in the exclusive Minibus Hire Maidstone workshop; our highly qualified, trained, reliable and approachable personnel who will not hesitate to go the extra mile to serve you; the low rates that we charge for our services, including that of our self drive minibus hire, and all other added perks of simply choosing Minibus Hire Maidstone as your self drive minibus hire service provider of choice.

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